Landscape Walls

Alpine Rock & Block carries a full line of retaining wall and free-standing wall systems to add aesthetic and functionality to your landscape. Whether it be a large retaining wall to control erosion and provide more usable yard space, a small wall to border a garden or planter box, or a free-standing wall to add class and charm to your home, Alpine Rock & Block is your stop for all your wall system needs.

Country Manor Retaining Wall

  • Garden WallGarden Walls
  • The Keystone Garden Wall retaining wall has all the benefits of the Legacy Stone, it just in a smaller package. For walls up to 2 feet high.

    Dimension: 4"h x 12"w

    Available Colors:
    natural otay slate tan terra
  • Soledad Border StoneSoledad_stone
  • An ideal product for small garden applications. Use them as planter edging or stack them up for small soil retention projects. Walls should not exceed 5 block high.

    Dimension: 4"h x 8"w

    Available Colors:
    slate tan terra
  • LegacyLegacy
  • Keystone Legacy Stone retaining wall block is based on an easy-to-install lip system. Ideal for planter areas, yard division, or simple soil retention. For walls up to 3 feet high.

    Dimension: 6"h x 16"w.

    Available Colors:
    natural otay slate tan terra
  • Keystone Country CottageKeystoneCountryCottage
  • This wall system does not have pins or a lip and is designed to be "dry stacked" for small retaining walls or decorative freestanding walls. For walls up to 20 inches high

    Dimension: small unit : 4"h x 4/6"w
    Dimension: large unit : 4"h x 9/11"w

    Available Colors:
    Brown Stone Grey Stone
  • Keystone Standard IIKeystone Standard II
  • The Keystone Standard II Retaining Wall Unit is an American original. What started the industry is still the industry leader. The choice for tall walls and critical structures.

    Dimension: 8"h x 18"w x 18"d

    Available Colors:
    natural tan
  • Keystone Compac IIKeystone Compact II
  • The Keystone Compac II Retaining Wall Unit features an open core design and high strength pin connection system. Its lighter weight and shorter tail design make it easy to handle.

    Dimension: 8"h x 18"w x 12"d

    Available Colors:
    natural tan
  • RidgestoneKeystoneCountryCottage
  • This Bella Vista lipped retaining wall unit has the look and feel of chiseled stone. No special tools are required and the secure, interlocking lipped design makes installation easy. Excellent for mid-sized retaining wall applications or planter areas.

    Dimension: 6"h x 16"w 9"d

    Available Colors:
    Brown Stone Grey Stone tan
  • SempliceSemplice
  • The Bella Vista Semplice Landscape Wall is an excellent addition to any yard. Easy to build, this 6 piece wall system gives a random look in an old-world style. Great for small retaining wall or free-standing wall projects. It is recommended to connect pieces using masonry adhesive on every other course.

    Dimension: A: 4"h x 16"w 8"d
    Dimension: B: 4"h x 12"w 8"d
    Dimension: C: 4"h x 10"w 8"d
    Dimension: D: 4"h x 8"w 8"d
    Dimension: E: 4"h x 6"w 8"d
    Dimension: F: 4"h x 4"w 8"d

    Available Colors:
    Brown Stone Grey Stone tan
  • Verazzo 4-Face Verazzo 4-face
  • Keystone Verazzo 4-Face landscape wall offers a handsome and rugged look to your project. Great for both retaining wall and free-standing wall applications. It has the look of a multiple piece system from a single sized unit. On 50% of the block, one side has a faux joint to give the look of 4 different faces.

    Dimension: 6"h x 16"/12"w 10.5"d

    Available Colors:
    Brown Stone Grey Stone
  • Retaining Wall AccessoriesRetaining Wall Accessories
  • Whether the job is big or small, We carry the tools, products and knowledge to get the job done right.
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  • Keystone Pins

    Keystone Pins

    Primary Keystone unit connection

  • Masonary Adhesive

    Masonary Adhesive

    Secure block courses or wall cap

  • Geogrid


    Reinforcement of soil behind wall

  • ConsructionFabric

    Consruction Fabric

    Preventative porous barrier

  • Drainage Pipe

    Drainage Pipe

    For drainage from behind walls